• Helps patients and providers understand the monthly patient cost of specialty drugs across hundred of plans—based on their Benefit Designs and Formulary Placement
  • Quantifies the actual cost-of-acquisition for these drugs by plan
  • Identifies which plans truly disadvantage which treatments and the burden that this places on patients
  • Show how Patient Assistance Programs stack up across plans based on plan benefit design and formulary coverage


  • Understand Care Pathways utilized by payers, leading academic organizations, and pathways providers.
  • Includes pathways for procedures, specialty drugs, and medical devices
  • Create dialogue around opportunities for care improvement


  • Access & Coverage projections of Specialty Pipeline Drugs based on analysis of current payer utilization management (UM) restrictions
  • Covers National and Regional Payers comprising ~80% of U.S. insured lives
  • Projected Treatment Algorithm and Access Continuum for CURRENT treatments and PIPELINE drugs


  • Detailed perspective on access and coverage of Specialty Drugs from 6,000 Medical Policies and Prior Authorization forms for Autoimmune and Oncology drugs
  • Up-to-date coverage policies for specialty drugs
  • Quick and efficient sourcing of medical policy data without cumbersome search