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Healthcare Reform ClearView Interactive Web Application

The Affordable Care Act is likely the most comprehensive piece of legislation to be written in our lifetime. The Supreme Court’s decision places you at the crossroads of a challenging transition in healthcare. As a decision maker in the pharmaceutical industry, you need to understand the impact this decision has on the key brands and therapeutic areas that you support.

Pharmspective has developed ClearView™ to address this challenge.clearview-pc-ipad-small.jpg


ClearView™ is a subscription PC and iPad compatible app housing over 400 key provisions of the 2,300+ page healthcare reform legislation in an interactive platform that allows subscribers to learn and assess the impact of the legislation on pharmaceutical brands and therapeutic areas.

The ClearView™ platform gives you access to:

  • Browsable and Searchable Descriptions of ACA provisions
  • Tracking of state-level healthcare reform activities since 2010
  • News updates vetted for accuracy and lack of political bias
  • Scenario planning providing the ability to input your own assessments of the impact of the legislation
  • Scenario development and assessments from our Advisory Board of recognized experts
  • Diagnostic Quiz for Corporate Training
  • A full-scale “Train-the-Trainer” program customized to create fully-trained facilitators to educate key departments in organizations directly impacted by healthcare reform

Since ClearView’s™ launch in March 2012, Pharmspective has provided healthcare reform strategic consulting and training to over 300 professionals working in account management, brand and payer marketing, policy, sales, and product planning within pharmaceutical companies.