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California State Exchange and Medicaid Expansion - Implications for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


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RELEASE DATE: October 2012  |  PRICE: $4,500  | Pages 20

California has a large uninsured population and challenging small and individual group markets that have weathered significant premium increases over time.  It also has large urban markets dominated by entrenched insurers and rural populations with low managed care penetration.   California is likely to have one of the most robust State Exchanges in the post-ACA landscape as it leads the nation in developing the required infrastructure to implement the new insurance model. 

This report has been structured for Managed Care decision makers like yourself-to assist in creating a blueprint for your organization's post-ACA market access strategies in key geographies. As key states begin to take ownership of the post-ACA access and coverage model, you will face a diverse set of market dynamics that require insight into which insurers are likely to play a prominent role in the new landscape and what the impact of their role means for access and coverage. 

Reasons to Purchase California State Exchange and Medicaid Expansion - Implications for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmspective’s assessment of the post-ACA market access landscape in California will help you understand: 

• Opportunities and threats to market access and coverage of pharmaceuticals, based on assessment of benchmark plans 

• The role of MLRs in potential Payer Exchange contracting aggressiveness among key insurers in the state

• Analysis of Medicaid Expansion including how the state may decide to leverage the potential upside from its large uninsured population with insurers

• A Situation Assessment of the post-ACA landscape for insurers in California including what their current competitive position across books-of-business within the state tell us about their future market prospects

Our report is a first-of-its kind analysis of the likely market dynamics that will determine how the California market access landscape will evolve as key ACA provisions take hold.

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